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H. Arden Edwards
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Howard Arden Edwards (1884-1953) designed and constructed the building that now houses the Antelope Valley Indian Museum (part of Antelope Valley Indian Museum SHP) between 1928 and 1932. The building included his home, called Yato Kya, and the Antelope Valley Indian Research Museum, which he opened to the public in 1932. Edwards demonstrated a wide range of talents and interests and was known as a self taught artist, archaeologist, naturalist, poet, playwright, novelist, and architect.
As an artist, H. A. Edwards was known for his expert use of color. He used bright colors instead of earth tones. Edwards said his inspiration for his color choices was Indian County in the Southwest where the countryside and atmosphere are clear, clean, and colorful. He also described his art as modernistic in a conservative way. Edwards experimented with a variety of media including oil, tempera, water color, and pencil. In addition to American Indian themes and theater scenery, he also painted landscapes, portraits, birds, and Art Deco illustrations.
H. A. Edwards was involved with the theater for much of his life. In 1924, Edwards and a partner owned the California Scenic Company. The studio designed stages for the Belasco Theater, the old Burbank Theater, and the Grand Opera House in Los Angeles. Edwards also taught stage design and scenic art at Pomona College and the Pasadena Community Playhouse. Based on his skills in art and stage design, Edwards was hired to teach these subjects at Lincoln High School in Los Angeles from 1924 until his retirement in 1945.
H. A. Edwards began collecting American Indian artifacts in the 1920s because they had more human interest than the coins, stamps, shells, and birds' eggs that he had collected until then. Although H. A. Edwards was not a professionally trained archaeologist, he was recognized as a specialist in the identification of shell tools. After retiring from Lincoln High School, Edwards was appointed to the staff of the Southwest Museum as an Artist and Preparator. From 1945 until 1952, he created storage containers and labels for the collections, painted posters advertising museum events, and identified the objects in the museum's shell tool collection.

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Birth Name:  Howard Arden Edwards 
Other Name:  H. A. Edwards 
Primary Name:  H. Arden Edwards